Surviving the Bay Area

Written by and for psychology grad students... or whoever needs it.
Baker Beach, San Francisco. Just don't go swimming.

What this guide is not (yet)

It's not yet a general graduate student handbook -- the focus is on moving to the Bay Area and having a balanced life outside of school. However, below are two useful Berkeley-grad-related links that you may want to check out before you arrive:

What's this guide is

Moving to the Bay is no joke. Housing is hard to find, life is hella expensive, people say hella, manholes are called maintenance holes... BUT it's also probably going to be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Not that we're biased.
This is organized to shove the important things in your face, and leave the rest to breezy browsing at your leisure. Start with the CRITICAL INFO section on the left, which mostly covers housing and getting around -- things you need to hop-to right away. Then move on to whatever winds your clock.
This guide is not complete. Want to contribute? Check out our Contributing page and help us out.
That's it.
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